The Snowmen – Audio commentary podcast

I neglected to mention this because I am quite shy but there exists a podcast commentary for The Snowmen which I recorded with my friends Lawrence Sutcliffe and Scott Benson.

It is here on iTunes:

Or here on Podbean:

Also here is a noise I made about Clara’s bustle:

Snow Falling On Clara

And here is a picture of Jenna-Louise Coleman:


2 comments on “The Snowmen – Audio commentary podcast

  1. I finally got a chance to listen to you and your chums commenting on
    The Snowmen, which was fun – so thanks.
    Over-scrutinising the telly-show:
    I think the carriage immediately after the
    (splendid) title sequence is not meant to be the one in which the
    Doctor was riding – it may even be Captain Latimer’s.
    Lawrence’s “no blood” rule apparently doesn’t apply to beverages.

    I’m glad the Doctor got rid of those floorlamps that look like
    they’re from Moonbase Alpha (e.g. overhead shot at the end of Asylum).
    Most bizarrely of all:
    The bottom of the helical staircase is a left-handed screw,
    but the top is right-handed.
    This is confirmed about 64% through when
    the doctor and Clara are ascending counterclockwise, chased by
    icy lady climbing clockwise, in the same frame.
    The line is: “Clever staircase – taller on the inside”.

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