I would like, if I may, to bring some companies into repute. Or further into repute than they are already anyway.

Three cheers, brass bands and large marble statues on plinths then for:

1) AJG Parcels who safely ferried my computer back from its holiday on a family farm in Bellshill. First thing in the morning it was, and they carted the bloody thing all the way up my stairs with not a single audible swear word. Top job, courier guys.

2) The doughty Monica who made its tummy better. (I’m not sure which company she works for as I never saw it written down. It could have been Scotsys, Hotchkiss, or Cockfist. Maybe not that last one. Let’s go with Scotsys but check it thoroughly before the plinth gets engraved.)

3) Apple, whose customer service continues to be flabbergastingly good. For a while this afternoon I thought the thing had broken again but I called their free phone number and they calmly talked me through what I’d done. “Keep the artificial horizon straight and watch your airspeed indicators”. That sort of thing. It’s a bit shaming that I am the source of the only fuckwittery I’ve seen today.

4) Antepenultimately, HMV Inverness. Nothing to do with my computer, but always a pleasantly staffed Aladdin’s cave on a Monday morning when the new stuff comes out. I was so excited by my purchase of Triangle (possibly not the Triangle that you’re thinking of) that I forgot to check for the new Joanna Newsom album which came out today. I downloaded it later – please don’t tell them.

5) Penultimately, Waterstone’s Inverness which is a damn fine stockholding bookshop. Also it is the source of proper quality eavesdropping. Today I heard two staff members enthusing about bootleg Cure albums on vinyl. That’s what I want to hear. None of your soap opera/reality gubbins. Proper stuff that matters.

6) And ultimately The Rendezvous. Yet another prestigious Inverness lunching opportunity with staff who listen to what you say and respond appropriately. I am truly living the dream here.

My computer is fixed and I am chuffed. Did I mention that?

By Feexby Posted in Diary

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