A day of nothing – how absolutely groovy.

An early start, an inappropriate breakfast of Twiglets and mince pies and coffee, and Che Part One on DVD.  I was due at Grantown in the afternoon for a New Year celebration which (in my mind) seemed mostly to revolve round a notional steak pie. It didn’t happen though.  Even with my famously lionhearted driving I couldn’t get past Carrbridge so I slithered back up the A9 (Death Race 2010) for Che Part Two and Doctor Who.

For the record Che is fantastic and forms part of a very high quality run from Steven Soderbergh – The Informant! and The Girlfriend Experience are both pretty underrated I reckon. Che suffers from biopic syndrome in that there aren’t going to be any surprises in the denouement, but acquits itself impressively with its sumptuousness and sincerity of intent. Soderbergh appeals to me precisely because he seems pretty much to direct what he wants. And everyone likes a speccy, baldy bloke surely.

Doctor Who doesn’t really need any more comment from me. I lack any critical distance and have been a deep fan since 1971 or thereabouts. I will say that I’m quite excited about the Matt Smith era. There seems to be a bit of negative prejudgement around which will probably work out in his favour as expectations are defied. We’ll see. Anyway as far as DW goes if you want the cool, detached voice of critical reason you’d be better off elsewhere. If you want barely articulate fannish gurgling then we have much to discuss.

One comment on “01/01/10

  1. There was also Black Bun and custard on offer at Grantown, knowledge of which, you may not of been armed with, but if you had, I am sure you would have bravely battled on by Carrbridge, not withstanding your valiant efforts , in getting where you got to, but accepting , alas, this time the notional steak pie would evade you.

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